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FAQs & Tips

Crowdfunding Explained

Crowdfunding is a method of fundraising that harnesses the power of social networks and the internet to raise small amounts of money from a large number of people. This approach is used to finance a variety of endeavors, including start-ups, business ventures, artistic and creative projects, medical expenses, charitable causes, and much more. It leverages digital platforms where individuals or organizations can present their cause or project to potential donors around the world. Contributors are often incentivized with various rewards based on their level of giving. Crowdfunding is an inclusive and democratic way of raising funds, as it doesn’t rely on large amounts from a few donors, but instead, many donations, often small, from a diverse group of individuals. It allows anyone to become a backer and support causes or ideas they believe in. In essence, crowdfunding has made it possible to easily pool resources at a global scale, empowering individuals and groups to turn their ideas into reality, or help others in need”

How does crowdfunding work on GiveNine?

On GiveNine, crowdfunding works by allowing individuals to contribute small amounts of money towards a range of charitable causes and projects. We understand that not everyone can afford large donations, so we’ve built our platform with inclusivity in mind, accepting donations of all sizes. As a potential donor, you can browse through a variety of campaigns, each with a clear outline of its purpose, goals, and the impact it aims to create. Once you’ve found a cause that resonates with you, you can contribute an amount that you’re comfortable with.

Plan your Fundraiser

Planning your fundraiser on GiveNine is a process that begins with clearly defining your cause or project. It’s important to outline the purpose of the fundraiser, the specific goals you want to achieve, and how the funds will be used. Once the cause is defined, you’ll need to create a compelling narrative around it.

Logistics of setting it up

Raising funds on GiveNine involves a straightforward and user-friendly process designed to make it easy for fundraisers and donors alike. After creating your campaign page with all the necessary information and visuals, you set a fundraising goal and share your cause with potential donors through various channels. As funds begin to accumulate, we handle the logistics of securely processing all contributions, ensuring donors’ information remains private and safe. We also facilitate the efficient distribution of funds to the intended cause or project. Throughout the campaign, we provide tools to track fundraising progress, offering real-time data that helps you make informed decisions and adjustments to your campaign strategy.

  • Secure Processing: GiveNine takes care of secure processing and management of all donations, ensuring donors’ privacy and security.
  • Real-Time Tracking: We provide real-time data about your fundraising progress, enabling you to make data-driven decisions. Fund Distribution: We ensure efficient and timely distribution of funds to the cause or project you’re raising money for.
  • Campaign Management Tools: Our platform offers tools for effective campaign management, including communication features to keep donors updated

Tips for writing the story

Writing a compelling fundraising story is crucial when raising funds on GiveNine. Your story should paint a clear and engaging picture of your cause, resonating with potential donors on both an emotional and intellectual level. Start with a captivating introduction that immediately grabs attention, then dive into the specifics of your cause – why it matters, who it benefits, and how the funds will be used. Authenticity is key, so share personal anecdotes or experiences if possible. Make sure your story includes a clear call to action, encouraging readers to contribute. Remember, your fundraising story isn’t just about asking for money – it’s about inspiring people to become a part of the change you wish to make.

  • Captivating Introduction: Start your story with a hook that immediately grabs the reader’s attention.
  • Clear Purpose: Clearly define why you’re raising funds, who will benefit, and how the funds will be used.
  • Authenticity: Personalize your story with real-life anecdotes or experiences that make your cause relatable and impactful.
  • Call to Action: Don’t forget to include a clear call to action, encouraging readers to donate and become a part of your cause.


Communication plays a pivotal role in successful fundraising on GiveNine. Consistent and transparent communication helps establish trust with donors, making them more likely to support your cause and stay engaged throughout the campaign. Effective communication involves sharing regular updates about the progress of your campaign, informing donors about how their funds are being used, and expressing gratitude for their support. Additionally, a two-way communication that allows donors to ask questions or express concerns can strengthen the donor-organizer relationship. Above all, effective communication fosters a sense of community among donors, making them feel valued and included in the journey to achieve the common goal.

  • Regular Updates: Keep donors informed about the progress of your campaign, reinforcing their decision to support your cause.
  • Transparency: Clearly communicate how the funds are being utilized, establishing trust and credibility.
  • Gratitude: Regularly express gratitude to donors for their support, making them feel valued and appreciated.
  • Two-Way Communication: Facilitate avenues for donors to ask questions or express concerns, strengthening the relationship and community.

Promote your Fundraiser

Promoting your fundraiser is a vital step in ensuring the success of your crowdfunding campaign on GiveNine. A well-planned promotion strategy reaches out to potential donors, increases awareness about your cause, and motivates people to contribute. 

Share on social tips

Customize your message for each platform considering their unique features and audience characteristics.

Incorporate compelling images or videos to grab attention and communicate your story effectively.

Include a clear and compelling call to action, directing followers to donate and share.

Utilize relevant hashtags to improve discoverability of your campaign.

Interact with your audience through comments and messages to foster a sense of community and support.

Always thank your followers for their shares, comments, and donations to encourage further participation.

Platform tips

Understand your potential donors’ demographics and behaviors to target them effectively on the right platforms.

Don’t limit yourself to one platform; use a combination of social media, email, blogs, and more for promotion.

Collaborate with influencers or local celebrities who align with your cause to expand your reach.

Tailor your content to the norms and best practices of each platform for optimal engagement.

Keep your message consistent across all platforms, reinforcing your campaign’s purpose and goals.

Monitor the effectiveness of your promotional efforts on each platform and adjust strategies as needed.

After your Fundraiser

After your fundraiser concludes on GiveNine, it’s time to reflect on the journey, acknowledge the efforts of all participants, and express gratitude. Whether you reached your fundraising goal or fell short, each campaign is an opportunity for growth and learning. 

Say Thank You

Expressing gratitude after your fundraiser is a crucial part of your campaign’s closing. Every individual who contributed to your cause, whether through donations or by spreading the word, played a significant role in your campaign’s journey. Therefore, it’s essential to personally thank each donor and supporter. An appreciation message can take the form of an email, a letter, a social media shout-out, or even a video message. Remember, a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ goes a long way in showing your supporters how much their generosity means to you and those benefiting from the fundraiser.

Logistics of Closing it out

As your fundraising campaign on GiveNine comes to a close, there are some critical logistical steps to ensure a smooth wrap-up. First, confirm that all donations have been correctly processed and credited to your campaign. Then, if you haven’t already, arrange for the transfer of the collected funds to the appropriate beneficiary or account. Next, communicate the closure of your campaign to your supporters via all channels you’ve used during your campaign — email, social media, website updates, etc.  Lastly, don’t forget to deactivate any ongoing promotional activities, such as digital ads or automated social media posts, related to this specific campaign. 


What information do I need to provide to start a campaign?

You’ll need to provide a campaign title, detailed description, fundraising goal, and compelling visuals (photos/videos). Also, provide information about the beneficiary and how the funds will be used.

How long can my fundraising campaign last?

Campaign duration can vary, but most successful campaigns run for 30-45 days. This creates a sense of urgency and keeps donor engagement high.

Can I edit my campaign details after it has been launched?

Yes, you can edit your campaign details even after it has been launched. However, major changes that might affect donors’ understanding should be avoided.

How can I promote my campaign?

Promote your campaign via social media, email newsletters, blog posts, local press, and word-of-mouth. Regular updates and engaging content can boost visibility and donations.

What are the best practices for a successful campaign?

Effective practices include setting a realistic goal, telling a compelling story, promoting your campaign widely, keeping donors updated, and expressing gratitude for their support.

Can I donate to my own campaign?

Yes, donating to your own campaign can demonstrate commitment and inspire others to donate as well.

How often should I update my campaign?

Aim to update your campaign weekly. Regular updates keep donors engaged, informed about the progress, and encourage further shares and donations.

Do I have to reach my goal to receive the funds raised?

No, GiveNine operates on a ‘keep what you raise’ model. You can withdraw the funds raised, regardless of whether you’ve met your goal.

How can donors stay updated about my campaign's progress?

Donors can stay updated by visiting your campaign page. We also recommend sharing updates via emails and social media posts.

Can I extend my campaign’s duration if I haven't reached my goal?

Yes, you can extend your campaign if you believe more time will help you reach your goal. However, perpetual extensions may deter potential donors.

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