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Safeguarding Oceans Amidst
the Climate Crisis

$55,000 of $55,000 raised
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Navigate the Wave: Join OneOcean's Global Conservation Quest

At OneOcean, we’ve spent over two decades diligently working to protect, restore, and celebrate our magnificent blue planet, our ocean, which is the cradle of all life on Earth. Embarking on this vital journey since 2007, our commitment to sustainable ocean conservation and the mitigation of climate change has only deepened with time, evolving into a multifaceted, globally-reaching endeavor.

Today, we extend an invitation to you to join us in our audacious yet utterly essential goal: to raise $55,000 USD that will fund our continuous efforts to safeguard oceanic ecosystems, empower youth leadership, and deepen our impact through global collaboration.

Unifying Efforts for a Healthy Ocean and Stable Climate

Collaborative Conservation: Partnering with aquariums, zoos, museums, and other entities to foster conservation leadership within communities.

Elevating World Ocean Day: Transforming this occasion into a global uniting force for celebrating our oceans and instigating impactful, collective actions throughout the year.

Strengthening Global Networks: Mobilising a coalition of thousands of organisations across 150+ countries to actively involve the public, guide policy makers, and execute impactful projects.

Encouraging Youth Leadership: Advocating for the youth to steer forth ocean and climate solutions, providing them with platforms and resources to drive change.

Your Contribution: A Ripple Effect in Protecting Our Blue Planet

When you contribute to OneOcean, you’re not merely donating but investing in a sustainable future for all life on Earth. Your generous donation will:

– Enable Community Leadership: Empower communities to become potent conservation leaders and amplify local conservation efforts.

– Support Global Network Building: Facilitate the fortification and expansion of our worldwide network, driving unified, global conservation initiatives.

– Boost Youth Initiatives: Financially back programs that educate, support, and mobilize young leaders to bring forth impactful ocean and climate solutions.

– Enhance World Ocean Day’s Impact: Augment our capacity to utilize World Ocean Day as a potent vehicle to enlighten, inspire, and catalyze conservation actions on a global scale.

– Bolster Advocacy and Policy: Enhance our capacity to effectively lobby for and implement robust policies safeguarding our oceans and mitigating climate change.

The Deep Blue In Our Care

With more than 70% of our Earth’s surface enveloped by the ocean, it is an incredible world teeming with life, mystery, and undiscovered knowledge. Our ocean is an unparalleled source of biodiversity, an immense carbon sink, and the lifeblood of communities around the globe.

However, our ocean is also under threat—plagued by pollution, overfishing, and the deleterious impacts of climate change. Herein, our shared responsibility lies, for our collective survival is intrinsically bound to the health of our ocean.

Support our Fundraising campaign to Safeguard Oceans Amidst the Climate Crisis

We believe in:

Collaborative Synergy

 Uniting diverse organizations under a common cause, amplifying our collective impact.

Youth Empowerment

Providing young leaders with the tools, platform, and guidance to pave the way for a sustainable future.

Inclusive Engagement:

Actively involving communities, organizations, and individuals in conservation actions, thereby fostering a collective conservation ethos.