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Help the helpless Dogs in Ukraine.

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Russia's War Is Hell on the Pets of Ukraine

The echoes of unrest and turmoil from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine have reached the corners of our world, unsettling countless lives. As the world’s focus remains largely on human lives, another group, equally vulnerable and often overlooked, remains in peril – our cherished dogs and other animals. Their tales, usually full of joyful barks and playful chases, are now painted with anguish, fear, and desperation. They, too, bear the brunt of this war, and it’s up to us to respond.

In this dire situation, GiveNine Foundation has been working tirelessly, recognising the urgency to extend our hand of love, compassion, and care to these innocent beings. Our mission is clear and timely: to establish a safe, warm, and nurturing environment for these animals who’ve lost their homes, families, and the basic securities they once knew.

Our Vision: A Sanctuary Amidst the Chaos

1. A Shelter for 1,600 Lives: At the heart of our mission is the construction of a sanctuary that can comfortably accommodate approximately 1,600 dogs and other animals. This isn’t just about numbers; each figure represents a heartbeat, a pair of eyes looking for hope, and a soul craving safety. 

2. Beyond Shelter – A True Home: This sanctuary will not just be a shelter; it will be a home. We aim to provide these animals with warm beds, nourishing meals, medical attention, and the loving care they need to heal, both physically and emotionally.

3. Bracing for Winter: The impending winter months in Ukraine can be ruthless, especially for those without shelter. Our sanctuary will be equipped with facilities to protect these animals from the biting cold, ensuring they’re warm, comfortable, and safe.

To bring this vision to life and to make a tangible difference in the lives of these animals, we’ve set a financial goal: $30,000. This sum will be channeled directly into creating this sanctuary, from acquiring land and building structures to sourcing food, medical supplies, and other necessities.

Shelter and Safe Housing:    

  • Temporary Homes:     Setting up safe, warm, and secure tents and shelters for families who have lost everything.
  • Rehabilitation:     Planning for the construction of semi-permanent homes, ensuring those affected have a roof over their heads as they begin rebuilding their lives.

Sustenance and Basic Necessities:    

  • Food Supplies: Providing regular, nutritious meals to the affected families, ensuring no one goes to bed hungry.
  • Water and Sanitation: Setting up water purification units and ensuring access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation facilities.
  • Education Continuity: Temporary educational setups for children, ensuring their learning isn’t disrupted for long.

Why Your Contribution Matters:

Every contribution, irrespective of its size, carries immense weight. Your donation isn’t just money; it’s a warm blanket for a shivering dog, a meal for a starving cat, medicine for a wounded bird, and above all, a beacon of hope for thousands of lives.

While the amount might seem ambitious, consider this: If just 3,000 compassionate souls donate as little as $9, we’d achieve our goal. That’s the cost of a couple of coffees, but in this context, it means the world.

Together, We Can Make a Difference

Please, take a moment to reflect on the massive impact your support could have. Think of the wagging tails, the purrs, the chirping birds – all symbols of gratitude from our non-human friends.

Lend Your Voice

Besides monetary support, we urge you to be ambassadors for our cause. Share our mission across your social media platforms, group chats, and personal conversations. The more awareness we create, the more lives we can touch.

Engage in Our Progress:

As part of our commitment to transparency and community, we promise to regularly update all our supporters on the progress of our project. From the first brick laid to the thousandth tail wagged, you’ll witness the transformation your support brings about.

A Long-Term Vision

While the sanctuary’s immediate purpose is to provide relief during the conflict and winter, this project has a long-term vision. We aim to make it a perpetual safe space for animals in need, even after peace is restored in Ukraine.